So what is a Maverick?

According to, a maverick is a lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. Therefore, a Maverick is a nonconformist, an individualist; a free thinker and a loner.

If by any chance you are rebellious in nature or like to disrupt conventional policies or ideas, chances are that you are a Maverick!
So when we Add “Think” to the word Maverick to make up Think Maverick, we literally want every individual here at to Think Like A Maverick!

Why Think Like A Maverick?

The World’s Best Entrepreneurs, Artists, Actors, Actresses and Athletes are Maverick Thinkers…. Just think about it!

  • Steve Jobs wouldn’t have made a comeback after being kicked out of his own very own company…
  • Bill Gates, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Anthony Robbins…. Just To name a few.

A Maverick is usually strayed from a group he or she belonged to, or who rebelled against accepted ideas or go against conventional wisdom. Mavericks thus came to generally mean an individualistic and independent thinker or risk taker. Depending on context, a maverick  can be applied to a pioneer who bucks current trends, to a wild and potentially reckless loose cannon –


The Problem with Mavericks…

Mavericks are easily bored and need to be given constant challenges to ensure that they are as productive and engaged as much as possible. They tend to come up with innovative solutions when their way of working doesn’t fit the established corporate norms.

They are generally successful at what they do and could be MORE but their impatience and lack of focus tend to keep them off track. When mavericks reach to a certain level of Achievement they often get bored and tend to jump from one project to another resulting in the lack of long term business continuity that usually ends up as a success.

If you are usually:

  • easily distracted while working on a particular project
  • without guidance of a Mentor
  • always busy and never focused
  • impatient and impulsive

Then you will need Special Insights, Training and Pragmatic Challenges As a Maverick in order to make the most positive outcomes out of your Maverick Nature. This strategic training will make all the difference to the profitability of your company and the success of your organization. True maverick organizations like Apple and individuals like Steve Job truly made a difference– mainly because they strive to achieve a level of Greatness that was far beyond their peers with their Maverick Nature

Mavericks are truly talented individuals who are able to drag the world forward with their insights and abilities.

These gifted individuals are often struggling to get the best out of their talent, frequently not fitting into a world of constraints and conformity. When mavericks are not being recognized for their expertise this can lead to frustration and a cycle of dissatisfaction. This may manifest itself in destructive behaviour or talent opt out. Talent opt out is when an individual deliberately decides to withdraw their extraordinary skills and do the bare minimum to get by.

Whilst a maverick’s bare minimum is often the same standard as other people’s best the organization nevertheless they lose the ability to perform greater.

Eventually the maverick either opts out in a passive or destructive way or leaves the organization deciding to try their luck elsewhere or set up their own business.

It is often at this point that the Maverick becomes an entrepreneur where their ability to harness their Maverick Nature to determine whether they have the ability to survive in business.

Here At

…we do many things much differently than the common average for you and your business:

  • Our Unique Strategic approach towards your Brand presence online.
  • We turn your opportunistic approach towards Online Marketing, into a strategic one that gives your business the edge over your rivals, giving you the flexibility and the strength to compete Globally.
  • We Strive to Stand Out in terms of quality of delivery of our Contents, Web Tips, Training Material, Customer Support, market research and your results.
  • We Give Maverick Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Internet & Network Marketers, Small, Medium and Large Enterprise owners the BIG PICTURE!
Well, what can I say? I’m a Maverick who believes everything is possible in life, and the world is my playground where I learn to create freedom, joy, abundance, and prosperity for myself, and all those who I come in contact with.

I’ve had the best of both worlds KNOWING just how powerful our ‘Will’ and ‘intentions’ are… so when I stumbled into Internet Marketing as a 23 year old geek just after graduating with my Engineering Degree… something in my guts just KNEW I could do it.

I did the exact opposite of what the my friends and family told me to do. I knew that the Maverick Inside of Me, would never be unleashed and brought to the fullest potential if i followed and bowed down to conventional wisdom. In which, at that time, after my degree was to look for a good job with good financial security and benefits.

Of course, I failed MISERABLY for the first 10 months and experienced what it felt like to work, struggle, and endure constant challenges, obstacles, and set backs. And I am SO THANKFUL for that time words can’t even express it.

That time of failure, and defeat, taught me MORE about who I am than almost anything else. The reason why is… because I NEVER stopped.

Even amidst of what seemed like a ‘hopeless’ situation… I just NEVER stopped. I never stopped KNOWING that I could do it, and taking the correct action steps to make it happen.

I never stopped seeking solutions, I never stopped my unquenchable thirst for freedom. I never lost sight of my visions, my goals, and the higher purpose that i was meant to accomplish.

I didn’t turn away, and run off looking for security in the face of INSECURITY.

Aside from insecurity, if all of that pressure wasn’t enough, i encountered a serious accident during the same period in which i am not proud to express.

I accepted everything that was happening, I looked within myself, and I FOUND the inner strength to just keep going.

And if you do … your OWN Inner Strength will take you to some amazing places. All you have to do is look within, and really FIND IT, and it will manifest in certain ways.

Now and for always, i am devoting myself to this task of entrepreneurship, passionate about helping people turning their greatest strengths into a Successful online businesses.  I am also taking this opportunity to explore my existing passion for Entrepreneurial start ups, Uplifting and Motivating people, and enhancing the Creativity & Innovative aspect of  Think Maverick

So the greatest gift I can now share… is this gift of challenging YOU to take on the odds of defying conventional wisdom, Unleashing the Locked up Potential Maverick in YOU and show the world what you have installed for them.

This power is INFINITELY creative, and when you tap into it there are no boundaries to what it can do

This blog is dedicated to sharing the information, the knowledge, the wisdom, the insights, and many of the strategies I have uncovered that have changed my life, and given me a power to CREATE and live FREELY that unfortunately many do not see…

Take the time to go through the teachings, and all that you will find here, because I can promise you this blog will be a place of great nourishment for you if you’re looking to truly create freedom in life. (And I mean that in many senses of the word)

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