Top 3 Internet Marketing Techniques For Success There are countless ways to build your business on the Internet, so I want to narrow all these Internet marketing techniques to three of the most powerful methods. If you can focus on just these 3 methods and create a post 3-5 times per week for a full year, there is no reason why you couldn’t reach any level of success that you desire. Here are the top three techniques: 1. List Building The number one Internet marketing technique you need to learn is list building. Get a 3rd party autoresponder service like Aweber email marketing and set up a simple squeeze page or lead capture page. Give away a relevant free gift that your visitors would be interested in. Think about what they need, not what you like. Learn how to send people to that squeeze page by generating traffic. This is easy to do and will only take a day to set up. 2. Blogging Setting up your own blog is a great way to stand out. You want to be the person that people go to for advice on your topic of choice, so having your own central hub is very important. Focus on one topic and be the expert. This is also a great way to get people to your squeeze page so you can get more subscribers. Link each post to your squeeze page. This Internet marketing technique has helped me earn hundreds of extra dollars passively online. 3. Video Marketing Video marketing is a very powerful Internet marketing technique. Regardless of what many people say, it doesn’t matter if you have a cheap video camera or a
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  1. AskGabrielJ Reply
    @baronthedivined I use Godaddy and I like it for sure! Hostgator is great too, thanks for the coupon code!
  2. baronthedivined Reply
    Use the coupon HG1centhack to get your first month of hosting for $0.01 at Hostgator.
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    TTTMFT sub and ill sub back :D
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    Great thinking! That really brakes the mold!
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