Top 10 Common PPC Mistakes that you should know about…


Pay per click advertising, otherwise known as PPC advertising, is a great way to get the word out about your website and to increase traffic to a website, especially a new site. It also allows you to target visitors that are ready to buy the products or services offered on a company website through choosing proper keywords. PPC isn’t as easy is it may seem though, and there are many common mistakes that newbies often make that can affect the effectiveness of their PPC campaign.

Below are the top 10 common mistakes made by new PPC campaign users:

Not Paying Attention to Keyword Match Types

Exact match, Phrase match and Broad match may seem the same, but they aren’t. Pay attention to whether you are choosing your keywords on Broad match as the search volumes are very different than Exact match for example.

Not Keeping Display Ad & Search Ad Campaigns Separate

Search ads are ads that appear at the top and right side of Google searches, while display ads are those displayed on websites. Generally speaking, display ads will be cheaper, but don’t have near the conversion rate of Search ads.

Not Using Negative Keywords

These words will save you money. For example, if you are selling “yellow widgets’ you may want to add a negative keyword for “free yellow widgets” since you don’t want everyone looking for freebies eating up your PPC dollars.

Not Targeting By Device Type

If you choose to serve ads up to mobile devices, make a separate campaign and tailor your ad copy and landing pages to appeal to mobile users.

Not Geo-Targeting Properly

Most websites target a specific country or region. Make sure your PPC ads reflect that and you aren’t wasting PPC ads on areas that either can’t purchase your product or service or won’t need it.

Not Having Specific Landing Pages

If you’re running a PPC campaign, you will want to create a separate landing page for your PPC traffic to get to your website. You have a very short time to appeal to your users.

Not Split A/B Testing

As an addition to the above point, make sure to test out variations of your landing page to see what converts better. Different colors, graphics and website copy will convert differently.

Not Choosing Ad Display Times Properly

While it might make sense if your ads are displayed all the time, for most campaigns it makes sense to target different times of the day. If your budget is $100 per day and your target users are online after 6pm, don’t display ads earlier than that and waste your budget on tire-kickers or people not interested in your products/services.

Not Testing Ad Copy

A big mistake is writing only ONE ad. Write several ads and tweak them until you find one that connects most with your target market.

Not Tracking Keyword Conversion

This is crucial. Track keywords that convert to sales. Plenty of keywords will bring loads of traffic, but may not bring sales. Look for keywords that may have lower search volume, but will convert to sales and stick to those to maximize effectiveness.

The points listed above will help newbies to avoid wasting money on PPC campaign that won’t work. Still, it’s going to take you time to learn the ins and outs of PPC marketing, but when you master it the benefits will become apparent.

Have you tried PPC advertising and learned some hard lessons? Tell us about it.

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