Top 10 Must Have Apps for Webmasters

If you are the sort of person who writes websites and has an i-anything, be it iphone, ipad, or ipod, there are some apps you really could use.

1. Notepad

Seriously. Use it. The one that comes with your i-whatever. Use it.

Write stuff down, and don’t complicated it by stuffing what you write into something else. Notepad is where you should put anything you come up with when you are away from your home computer. Just type it in and email it to yourself.

2. Pingdom

Even if you never do any of your actual webmastering from your i-something, knowing what basic condition your website is without having to make it hog a Safari tab is important, and without having to hit “refresh” every ten seconds. Pingdom takes care of that.

One of the worst things that can happen to your website while you are not staring at it 24 hours a day is to have it go down. Pingdom will inform you through any method you want.

Unfortunately, while the app is “free”, it requires a subscription of approximately $10.00.

3. Analytics App

One of the best tools for a webmaster online is Google Analytics–and now, it comes with a very functional Analytics App.

At $5.99, it is absolutely worth it unless you never use Google Analytics.

4. Ego

If you don’t use Google Analytics, or if you use it but you also want to track other things, install Ego. It will keep track of a wide range of analytics software for you. Vimeo, Twitter, Squarespace, Mint, Feedburner, Ember–and Google Analytics.

The basic app costs about 2 bucks, but some aspects come with fees.

5. Source Viewer XL

When you are on a computer, all you have to do to view the source code of a website is to go up to the menu and click on the option. When you are on an i-anything, you have to pay for that privilege.

Source Viewer XL lets you see the source of your html pages. Unlike doing tricks with your bookmarks to access the code in Safari, this $2.00 app will let you see syntax and coding.

6. Photogene

If you have ever taken a photograph on your iphone and thought that it would look absolutely beautiful in black-and-white but the phone won’t let you do that, Photogene is the app for you. It costs $4.00 and includes artistic filters, sharpen options, cropping, straightening, etc.

While it isn’t a full blown photo shop, obviously, if you are coming from a phone that would let you adjust colors, but with no focus, and now you have an iphone, with great focus but no color adjust options, this is the perfect app.

7. FTP On the Go

We all know how much fun FTP is, especially when your files are so big you can not get them anywhere any other way. FTP On The Go will let you access your files, add new stuff, etc. At $7.00, it is a an absolute must if you are a webmaster from your phone in any way, shape, or form.

8. HTML Cheat Sheet

If you are writing a website, knowing all kinds of little things can be really useful. Having an app that will answer your questions and test out your code for you can be really, really useful.

At $0.99, it is a real steal.

9. WordPress 2

Right up there with HTML Cheat Sheet, FTP On the Go, and any other apps that help with HTML type sites, if you use WordPress at all, you will need WordPress 2.

Imagine being able to use the actual Word Press on your iPhone. That is pretty much exactly what this is. And best of all, it is free.

10. HTML Writer

While nothing can beat WordPress 2 in terms of “what you can do on your computer, you can do on your iPhone”, there are things that you can do on your computer that you want to do on your iPhone, and writing HTML is one of them. At $3.00, it is a fair price for being able to do HTML.

Word of caution though–WordPress converts to iPhones well. Basic HTML can be a nightmare, even when you are doing it completely right.

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