Tips to Make Money Blogging and turn it into a LIST BUILDING MACHINE!

Have you thought about starting a blog to make money? Many people have tried blogging for one reason or another. One reason people start a blog is just to share their passion. Another common reason people start a blog is to make an income from that blog. There are several different ways that one can get an income from their blog.


SEO is an essential part of making money with a blog. Of course, there are other methods of obtaining traffic besides simply doing SEO, as well. However, SEO should not be overlooked for a consistent source of traffic.



If you want to make money blogging, there are many methods for you to do so, even if you are a new blogger. One way to start making money blogging is to sign up to Google’s Adsense. Adsense is a way to start making income from your blog. Adsense will not make you rich overnight, especially if you are new to having a blog.

When you open up an Adsense account you are able to put up advertisements on your website. When someone clicks on the ad, you earn money. Does not that sound great? All you have to do is set up a blog and put on Google Adsense advertisements and have your friends and family click on your ads. Well, that is not such a bright idea. Since that is a form of cheating the advertisers out of money, Google takes click fraud pretty seriously. You do not want to get your account shut down by Google, but if you commit click fraud that is highly possible. Google Adsense can be an excellent, long term method of earning money. Once you get more traffic it only makes sense that you will get more people interested in the advertisements on your site. This will lead to more clicks on your ads, which will earn you more money. It is best for you to abide by the Terms of Service and avoid getting fraudulent clicks. If you do this, you will be on your way to having money generated by doing nothing.

Another way of earning money with a blog is by doing sponsored posts. A sponsored post is when a company pays you money to write up a post about their product or service. There are several ways to find companies who do this. One of the easiest ways is to sign up to a website that matches bloggers up with companies who are seeking to get these posts written. Even if you are a new blogger you can still make some money this way. Of course, the longer your blog is around and the more established you are, your pay per post tend to go up. Companies who are seeking links from blogs with a certain page rank are willing to spend a little more money than they would for blogs who have lesser page rank. You are more likely to have a higher page rank when you become established, and this will make you more valuable.

One site you can sign up to blog for pay is Social Spark. You can sign up with as many blogs as you own and receive an email when opportunities arise. It is super easy to use this site. You write the blog post right on the site, and it is published to your blog for you once the company has reviewed it. There are guidelines to follow and  companies read, review, and approve the blog posts you write. By having your review read by the company, you know they are happy with your writing. There are other sites out there that offer paid opportunities for bloggers, as well. Once you start looking for opportunities, you might be surprised at ways to make money which are available for bloggers.

Another way you can make money as a blogger is to become an affiliate. There are a lot of options available to monetize your blog as an affiliate. However, the options available to you certainly depends on the type of blog you have. When you become an affiliate you use a specific link that allows you to make money when a person does a certain action through your link. For example, they might sign up with their email address to download a free toolbar. This would be a free action that would make you money. An affiliate can also make money when someone purchases a product using his or her link. There is quite a lot of ways to make money as an affiliate.

Yet another way to make money as a blogger is to sell advertising space on your blog. Once you have gained a certain level of popularity, people are willing to pay you to advertise their company, product, or site. Many bloggers sell advertising space in their sidebar and go on a month to month basis. This is an easy way of earning an income without having to do anything. You simply post a banner, link, or blog button and get paid.

There are, of course, other ways of making money as a blogger, but these are some of the basic ways to get started making an income. It is best if you start a blog out of a passion of yours so that you will enjoy writing on it. The money you make from the blog should be more of the icing on the cake, and not the main reason you write. If your sole objective is to make money on your blog, you might not last long enough to see money from your efforts. You can make money blogging, but it is not an easy job, by any means. With some persistence and effort, however, you can be successful.