THE Most powerful Productivity secret in the world by Rich Schefren, (A 3 Min Productivity Hack)

  THE Secret To Super-Productivity 



Hey Mavericks,


I’ve been sharing productivity “Profit Hacks” with you for the last couple issues.  Today I want to share a quick video I did a while back that will give you the most powerful secret to productivity.  But before I go there, let me explain why I want to share it. 

You see, the only truly “democratic” thing in the world is time.  It doesn’t matter how rich, or smart, or good looking you are.  You only get 24 hours in a day. 

That makes time your most precious commodity. 

And it makes what you do with those 24 hours everyday even more critical. 

A few issues back, I asked you what kind of return you got on your attention – your ROA.  The return on how you spend segments of your time. 

Today, I’m going to share one of the most important secrets to productivity – to getting the most done with the time you have.  It’s the secret of so many of the most successful people I know. 

It’s a secret that will make you more productive… happier… that will give you more from your business than just about anything else… 

To find out what it is, simply click the image below and buckle up. 


And be sure to leave a message on the blog and let me know what you think about what you’ve just learned. 

To higher profits and beyond,  


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