Simple Ways of Maintaining A Continuous Flow of Visitors To Your Blog…

Have you ever tried to find out your blog’s new visitors vs. returning visitors? If yes, you must have confirmed that the returning visitors count would be much lesser when compared to the new visitors count. If this can be improved, there will be a definite growth in traffic, because it’s easy to convert returning visitors into paying customers. Now the question arises, what can you do to keep your visitors coming back to your blog? You just need to incorporate the following mechanisms into your blog!

Post Frequently: By posting a unique content regularly you can surely increase the percentage of your blog’s returning visitors. However, this does not mean that you start posting a new topic every single day. It is generally recommended that you post at LEAST once a week. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your visitors coming back. Never forget that everybody loves the blog that is updated regularly.

Join Web Communities: By participating in online communities or debate forums  and citing your blog whenever possible will also help to keep old readers coming back to your blog.

Understanding the Audience: It’s good to understand who is going to read your blog and then writing the content accordingly that is directed towards them. Try to interact with your readers by including places for comments& asking them to contact you by an email. You can also include a question/answer section. More the people communicate with you the longer they will stick around. Instead of sticking yourself to one particular subject, try to switch in-between few interrelated subjects to make it more interesting.

Include keywords: By including certain keywords in your blog, you can keep your current readers as well as increase readership. As a result, you can raise the traffic to your blog.

Don’t be so boring: You might be having the most boring topic to talk about but still its’ your responsibility to write it in an interesting way. You can take the help of videos, pictures etc. at last its up to you only to keep your traffic fully entertained. So, writing about a boring topic in an interesting way will definitely keep the visitors coming back for more information which will boost your blogs’ traffic levels.

Clarity of thought is a must: Make sure that your blog is easy to understand and has a good clarity of thought. There’s nothing worse than an article that confuses the audiences at the end.

Make Use of RSS Feeds: RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is generally ignored by new bloggers. By subscribing to your RSS feed, readers will get email updates whenever a new content is posted on your blog. However,  you have to promote this by inviting your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed. You will get an enormous percentage of your web traffic from this single source.

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