Romney/Obama Debate SHOCKS EVG! (How could they)?

The Economic Tidal Wave
Neither Romney Nor Obama Can See 

Hi Mavericks, EVG Research Team here. And for a Presidential debate on the economy, we’re left in shock and awe that no one mentioned the economic crisis hanging over our heads.  
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It’s shocking, because a crash is coming, and neither candidate seems to understand the urgency. 

For more than 2 years we’ve been showing people like you how we plan to prepare, or else get ready for a huge potential drop in standard of living – and forget retirement.

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And we had hope that Romney or Obama would catch on. Especially when Bill Clinton and Donald Trump echoed our warnings of life-changing inflation this past month.

But at this debate, there was more talk about Big Bird than the economic problems staring us in the face.

Instead of debating the real issues, we got the standard-bearers of two political parties who’ve been…

Partying Like It’s 1999… 


…for way, way too long.  Or maybe I should say 2004, when the debates about budget deficits and “tax cuts for the rich” really heated up.  

Yet that’s all we heard at this 2012 debate: class warfare and promises to “reduce the budget deficit.” This is not enough.

A “budget deficit” means you spend more than you take in – in other words, more debt.  

So reducing the budget deficit just means reducing the speed of new debt. And adding new debt is crazy when the US already owes an absurd $16 trillion… especially when we face the very real threat of rising interest rates.

If we’re forced to pay higher interest rates on $16 trillion, the gig is up for America.

Therefore – If either candidate knew what we were up against, they’d talk about reducing the total debt… and NOT about reducing the speed at which we pile on more IOUs.

But neither candidate could even give us an empty campaign promise about lowering the debt. Even in a political campaign, when talk is famously cheap.

This is dangerous because…

The Water Levels Are Rising
and the Dams Are About to Break

The biggest economic crisis facing America right now is the $1.5 trillion dollars banks are holding on the sidelines… like a tidal wave ready to slam down on the economy.

At DOUBLE the total money-supply (M0) in 2008, $1.5 trillion is the sum of all the money-printing the Federal Reserve has done since the crisis began. 

Once the dam breaks and that money hits the economy, the prices of all you buy will skyrocket.  Millions of Americans will face a drastic reduction in their standard of living. Interest rates will rise, and the real economic crisis we’ve been warning about will be here.

At this point, the Federal Reserve gets to decide what happens next.  

They can print more money to pay the interest on the debt, turning high inflation into hyperinflation.  

Or they can do nothing, kicking off a long string of debt defaults, starting with the Federal government. This will cause massive deflation. 

Yet there was no mention of this at the debate.

There wasn’t even a mention of the Federal Reserve – the bank that decides our fate.

Not once did they mention the threat of interest rates rising.

And yet…

They Say Romney Won the Debate

Even Romney’s critics admit he won by style, if not by substance.

But the truth is, there were no winners at the debate.  Especially not the American people.

There’s a tidal wave of money sitting on the sidelines, making inflation or deflation imminent.  Obama hasn’t addressed it.  And the challenger, Mitt Romney, cannot make it disappear.

If Obama and Romney will not address the problem, the only thing left you can do is prepare.

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The EVG Research Team

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