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There is a very important lesson that way too many of us miss. And I must admit, it does have a way of alluding even those of us who know better because there can be quite a fine line between a reasonable ambition to gain and get ahead   -and-   a selfish ambition to take and get all we can get with little regard for others.

Now I do not believe the pursuit to prosper and go for the gusto is inherently evil, but I certainly believe that our attitudes beneath our ambitions definitely need to be checked on a regular basis.

Whatever our endeavor, I would assert that it is much better to be coming from a position of genuine value and generosity because that is how everyone wins.

Though, even our generosity needs to be kept in check lest we sell ourselves too short. While this may prove to be tricky, the more closely we respect ourselves as well as others, the more clear the balance point will be in tempering our giving with our receiving.

The real entrepreneur  is one who gives abundantly and still increases. This is more than mere theory, but an existential way of living, which defies the idea of entrepreneurs being greedy money-mongers. Indeed, generosity is the mark of a real entrepreneur; one who offers true value and doesn’t run out because they possess internal wealth, which proliferates all the more as one gives all the more.

But then there is the other type. The type who gains hastily with selfish ambition; The kind who gives little and takes much; who only cares for themself with little regard for others. The type who give entrepreneurs a stigma, being under the guise of an entrepreneur, but is really nothing more than a hustler.

I’ve watched the way of this kind and it’s quite interesting to observe how it typically plays-out. Most of the time, they start-up good and strong and quickly rise-up. Everything appears to be going so good for them as we may be tempted to envy. But as time goes by, their shady ways catch-up and bite them in the ass. Sometimes this happens gradually and sometimes it happens quite suddenly.

So there are two types of prosperity:
-One that is gained hastily and dishonestly, yet doesn’t last.
-And the other that is gained moderately with integrity with sustaining value because appropriate time and attention went into building with the right materials in the right way.

Therefore, it’s so important to dicipher between our healthy drive and our selfish haste. Human nature may be inclined toward the latter, which may tempt us to neglect our integrity to achieve our goals sooner, but we must keep our selfish ambition in check.

This may be something that needs to be checked on a regular basis to keep things on the up-&-up. Whenever I catch myself beginning to go that way, I stop and remind myself that no quick & easy profit is worth jepardizing my reputation, nor sacrificing my integrity.

In my fifteen-plus years as an entrepreneur, my principles have been heavily tested, and I can say it is always nice to sleep good at night.

Keeping my integrity and good reputation is how I  built a  business solely on referrals. When we deliver genuine value and  demonstrate integrity, and are not afraid to be generous, doors open and phones ring! Opportunities find us and profits follow, all the while we continue to give as we continue to receive.

A real entrepreneur is always willing to give a little extra without endangering oneself, even to go a few extra miles for a valued customer when the situation warrants it. Of course, that few extra miles does take some money out of our pocket, but there is no worry because delivering value and generosity attracts all the more prosperity 🙂

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Scott Yonker


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