Overcoming What Others Think | The Psychology of Success

So much of my time, energy, talents, pursuits- and overall life has been sqaundered on the preoccupation of what others think. Too much of my life I’ve struggled with the debilitating device of being overly concerned with what others think about me. So often I’ve permitted the opinions and projections of others to set limitations on the scope of my destiny. And much too often I’ve allowed the influence of limited thinkers shave and widdle-down the size and significance of my vision and calling.

While many of these people had well intended and caring regards, they yet judged my abilities with a narrow lens and projected their own lack of success onto me. Some of these peole were highly intelligent and educated people, yet lacked the capacity to think big. Then there were those who really didn’t care for me and a few that even hated me, yet I’d be concerned what even those people thought…

Recognizing My Bondage
Trapped within the snare of skepticism and seduced by the spell of cynicism, the blood-sucking clutches of doubt just about silenced my spirit. Eventually, I came to recognize what a suppressive form of bondage this was. I realized that I was a slave to the narrow thinking of other people, which resulted in my own narrow thinking. Overcoming what others think was going to take some work, but I knew it was time to do something about it.

Coming to this realization showed me something about human nature; Most people are not comfortable with being passed-up by a fellow and would rather hold others back rather than progress themselves. Or they have already tried and gave-up, so they have adopted a belief that such things cannot be done. Often even the most well-meaning people still may project a spirit of doubt which is based on their own false beliefs or limited thinking.

So often I conceded to such narrow thinking for the sake of being “open-minded” to the “wisdom” of those who have already “been there”. Sure I questioned authority, but only to a point; to question authority is generally branded as a “rebellious spirit”. So without being too much of a heckler, I made it a point to learn what I could from my elders and go with the program for the sake of being a harmoniuos element of society.

But my concession to such bondage was not simply a choice I made one day, but an ongoing series of subjections, projections and social conditioning from a young age which was backed and bolstered by habits and route patterns practiced and rehersed for years to become so deeply embedded into my psyche that other options and possibilities were not given much thought.

Breaking My Bonds
Fortunately, I did have the capacity to be a free thinker and question the things we do and ways we think. I knew it was important to take advice and heed wisdom, but only if it was good advise and sound wisdom; I knew it was good to be a harmonious element of society, but I also recognized that passivity was killing me and that I needed to take unorthodox action to be true to my calling.

Yes, it’s ok to do things differently! Each of us can be free from the stifling societal molds. We do have a choice. It’s not an easy choice, and if it were, more people would choose to be free. But overcoming what others think and real freedom is a choice that can be made at any point in time, but will take a process of time to establish new habits and thought patterns to make the kind of paradigm shift that it takes to be truly emancipated from such a binding existence into a lifestyle of freedom.

My own choice has been nothing short of  life-changing, but initially those life-changes were more in the negative than positive. I knew the risks I was taking and the possible ramifications of such a choice, but I already counted the costs of my life prior and the losses were too much to continue living with. Radical action needed to be taken, even at the risk of my whole life being turned upside down.

Sometimes when we make the right choices, things get worse before they get better- and that is certainly the way things played-out for me. I apparently “lost it all” as my so-called “misfortune” was indeed a heavy and significant blow.  See- The Benefits of Adversity

However, I just knew my life was being stripped-down the same way a fruiting vine is pruned in winter to replenish for the next season of growth. My next and biggest growing season is now in process as my inner fiber is stronger than ever to bring forth a more fruitful harvest than I have ever realized.

The degree of freedom I’ve reached thus far has priceless worth as I vigilantly guard it from the limited thinking of others as well as the debilitating molds of society in general. I no longer allow such things to deter my progress toward the calling in which I am destined.

Deciphering Wise Council from Worthless Criticism
In the psychology of success,  securing strong resolution of our plan and purpose is so essential when considering that we are even more subject to criticism as we progress and succeed all the more. Most of this criticism comes from those who are envious and too cowardly to take charge of their own life and is not worth considering. But we still need to be open and discerning enough to sift out sound wisdom.
Test all things and hold fast to that which is good”   1 Thessalonians 5:21

Keeping an open-mind and  healthy teachability index is a vital faucet of our development and progressing success, but we must be careful to only take council from those who are competent and truly believe and support who we are and what we are doing.

Keeping My Perspective
As I keep these things in perspective, the opposing opinions and derogatory sentiments of those who are stuck in their own limitations fade into the wayside. Those words and projections which were once so binding just fall to the ground with pitiful insignificance. No longer do they clutch me; at worse, they inflict a mere minor annoyance which soon blows away in the cleansing wind.

No longer do I feel the snap of the snare of skepticism nor the seducing spell of cynicism. No more is my thinking dictated by the precarious force of social conditioning, rather illuminated by the Word and Spirit of the Divine Creator, who’s burden is easy and yoke is lite.


Overcoming What Others Think | The psychology of Success

By Scott Yonker     http://scottyonker.com/

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