My StoryHow I Faced the Acid Test & Started A Successful Online Book Publishing Business

The perpetrators slashed my tyres in hopes that I would stop my vehicle and I did. He walked calmly towards me with a beaker behind his back, smiled and splashed acid at my face.


The year was 2011 and I had just graduated from Engineering School. I was eager to start my solo-entrepreneurial journey. A year before I experienced a debilitating feeling working as an intern for Texas Instruments.


At the end of the three month stint, I said to myself, ” I’m not going through 10 years of my life working 10 hours a day trudging through each day doing the daily grind as life quickly passes me by. “


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Nearly 12 months in and there have been many warnings, signs or omens if you believe in those sort of things.


One chilly night, I was driving home after meeting up with my friends at a cafe.


It was at the stroke of midnight. About a kilometer from home, a car flagged me down to inform me of my flattened tyre.


I pulled over to the side of the road. Checked my tyres and found it to be slashed. It was done with a knife, but at that moment I wasn’t aware that I had been targeted by thugs.


I decided to change the tyre. A moment later the thug walked towards me as if to offer some help. I sensed something was not right, tried to call home but it was too late. The thug smiled just before he threw acid at my face in hopes of blinding me. Failed to drive off with my car but they robbed me off my laptop.


Long story short, I was hospitalised for months. Had to be isolated in a special ward. Experienced daily excruciating surgeries on my eye and body. A quarter of my body had 3rd degree burns.


Days quickly faded into weeks, weeks soon turn into months of trying to get back on my 2 feet. The only good that did come out of this was the time I had on the hospital bed reflecting on my life’s purpose.


A million thoughts swirled through my head. I was disfigured & my primary concern was that I had zero income. I couldn’t go looking for a job now because of my condition.


I needed a consistent financial income to keep myself afloat. I had to rely on support from my girlfriend (now my wife) and my parents.


If you do not know me before the acid test. I was strong, and proud, and arrogant. It was then I wondered, every hour of my life, why God put me in this situation. But when I looked into the mirror and saw defeat in the reflection of my eyes, I start to think that maybe he brought me down in times like these to remind who I truly am, that I must not give up or give in.


Something inside of me snapped. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, regret, sorrow and sadness; I experienced massive growth and development.


“The Universe works in mysterious ways by sending you a problem and it sticks with you for the rest of your life until you get the spiritual lesson.”


Reliving this memory while writing is painful to me but it reminds me of my grit & determination climbing out from hell.


Throughout the ordeal, I experienced that dealing with adversity can become a very positive and nourishing experience that can lead to massive enlightenment.


I needed to find a way to make money fast. Hence, I wrote my first book and published it on Amazon. I didn’t realize back then, but this was the very start of my 6-figure book empire.


Even though things started out slowly, the checks from the sales of my books on Amazon managed to replace a full time engineer’s salary within 2 years.


If you understood the power of compound interest or essentially the snowball effect. You can compound your wealth like Warren Buffet.


Cents quickly turn into dollars, dollars grew into hundreds and hundreds soon transform into thousands per month. Never underestimate the power of compounded interest.


When you roll a tiny snowball in your hand. Gradually push it downhill, it continues to pick up snow. By the time it reaches the bottom of the hill, it becomes a giant snow boulder.


Now the snowball effect is a great metaphor to explain how small actions carried out over time can lead to huge results.


Einstein himself mentioned that “The Most Powerful force in the world is compound interest.”


Teaching my wife the art of publishing books online

The only memories that stands out in my mind was how my wife dreaded to go to work each day to support the both of us. Every morning I would drive her to work and she would describe it as a hellhole.


It was painful to watch her suffer working on something for someone feeling unfulfilled for years. Finally, I felt that I needed to teach her how to publish books online.


Soon my wife started using the methods I taught her, and she managed to replace her salary as a distinguished optometrist within a year.


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Publishing books online has allowed us to stay at home and do the things we love like going to the movies on a wednesday afternoon, lazing around when I didn’t feel like working and travelling for months in Europe.


Because our 500++ books continue to sell on Amazon even if we were away, we could do the things we wanted to. We worked because we wanted to, not because we had to.


As a result, our book publishing company, Think Maverick Pte. Ltd. was born. The best part, there was no income ceiling and we were addicted to publishing books around our hobbies, passion and interest.



I’m thrilled to have achieved metrics like this:

Author rank proof - Thinkmaverick dot com


My Goal in Writing This Blog

Christmas in Austria

Building my own publishing business on Amazon has given me the financial freedom I needed to pursue other avenues and it gave me more time to spend with my love ones. It isn’t a way to get rich quick, but the income has the potential to grow exponentially over time.


Slow and steady always wins the race. What’s important is that you take the right steps today and lay the foundations for your dreams. And 5 years from now, who knows, you might end up quitting your job and travelling around the world.


If i’m craving “real” experiences, i’m sure you are too.

And that is why i’m not flashing my success story upfront and trying to tempt you that i’m all about success. Entrepreneurship isn’t all about success. If you are willing to take the route less traveled like I did, be ready for a fair share of setbacks too. But the rewards are well worth it at the end.


Do you know how the 1% get to where they are today? It’s not that they’re smarter than you and I, it’s just that they stayed with the problems longer. 


Learn how to be mentally tough. Defy the odds, overcome your adversities and you will feel more alive than ever. Working on your passions will give your more drive to work even harder than before. Not for somebody who doesn’t appreciate your hard work.


If you lack the enthusiasm, energy or confidence to take that first step. Unsure where it would all lead to into uncertainty and fear of the unknown, read what Tony Robbins said to me | What Jack Ma advises Entrepreneurs


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