Making A Lot More Money Means…


 Making A Lot More Money Means… 




Hey Maverick


It never fails. No matter what conference you speak at… livestream you host… or Q&A session you participate in. 

There’s always, ALWAYS some down-on-their-luck struggling entrepreneur who asks you THE question. 

The question they mistakenly believe will be the end-all, be-all to their problems. It’s some derivative of… “How can I make money fast?” 

And frankly, I sympathize. I was there once myself. 

But it’s still sad to hear. Because I know I can give these struggling opportunity-seekers my formula for making money that I’ll share here in a moment. 

I can tell them EXACTLY my strategy for “making money fast…” 

And they’ll still go away disappointed and ask another guru in the industry the same question on another day. 

I urge you to NOT join this opportunity-seeking crowd. Instead, you need to start asking the right questions to get the results you want. 

For example… 

In Tuesday’s issue, I told you being in business is about making money. And whether entrepreneurs understand it or not… 

Money = Value. 

That’s all it is. Just a representation of value. 

Given that money is just a representation of value, it should give you some insight on what you should be asking. 

On Tuesday, I asked you to come with the better, alternative question to “how can I make money fast?” 

I told you I’d share my answer today. Here it is. Rather than asking “how can I make money fast,” you should be asking… 

“How can I quickly create value for some group of people that would be interested to pay for it?” 

Remember value = money. Those that create a lot of value tend to make a lot of money. Take me for example. 

I’m pretty well off. The reason I am is I’ve offered a lot of people a lot of value over the years. And I continue to offer value to this day. 

(Don’t believe me? Before you argue, checkout my free report when it debuts next week.) 

So when anyone asks me “how do I make money fast,” I start talking about how to create value to your marketplace. 

But let’s take this one step further… 

Money Is NOT a Zero-Sum Game 

Once you understand the concept that value = money, you can start asking an even more interesting question… 

“How can I create X dollars or MORE every day?” 

Sounds suspiciously like the “how do I make more money fast” question doesn’t it? 

Here’s the confusion. People think that wealth is a zero sum game. They mistakenly believe that for money to go somewhere it has to be taken from somewhere. 

It’s not. 

Creating value has no limits. And therefore accumulating wealth has none either. 

In fact, the more value you create, the more wealth you amass. And if you’re focusing on creating value in your area of strength, you will find it’s much easier to get to the “making money” part faster. 

If you want to know more about how to create that value, I urge to checkout my free report when it’s released next week. 

It’s my first free report in almost five years. And frankly, I’d love to get your feedback on it. 

For now you’ll just have to checkout my blog for one last leak from this soon-to-be-released free report. 



To higher profits and beyond,  


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