What Kind of Economic Trends Can We Expect in a Precarious World of Fiat Currency?

Ready or not, we are in for some radical changes! No amount of denial can stop it and the masses that have been keeping their heads in the sand will unfortunately end up on the losing end. The two predominant views are:   1)  We’re all doomed! And:   2)  We’ll bounce back to “business as usual”.

The first will be true for many and the second will be true for just a few, but somewhere between the two will be possibly the biggest wealth transfer in history.

I’m not talking about some crystal ball babble, but simply applying common sense to decipher our times with a basic understanding of wealth cycles, supply & demand and fiat currency.  I started to educate myself a few years ago on economic trends and wealth cycles, and how it relates to these times of fiat currency in such a way that is presenting massive opportunity.

So as  many are in utter denial- while others can only see a grim economic situation, I see an enormous wave of wealth potential rolling in as I position myself to catch it!

So What Is Fiat Currency?
In order to see what I’m talking about, you first need to understand what the situation is with our currency. First of all, since 1971, U.S. currency has been off the gold-standard, which means the U.S. dollar no longer carries any intrinsic value; This is what is called  fiat-currency.

History shows that fiat currency, without a single exceptinal, fails. And history also tells us that the life-span of fiat currency is usually no more than about 30 years. US fiat currency has been running for about forty years and is now running on borrowed time…

Interrelated Fiat Currency On A Global Scale
Furthermore, U.S. fiat-currency is “supporting”  the fiat-currency of all the other major nations, so this is not just an isolated situation; and it happens to be the first time in history that so many nations have become interdependent with fiat-currency.

Not only that, the Federal Reserve has been exacerbating the problem all the more by printing unprecedented amounts of worthless paper currency. In fact, about 300% more currency has been printed in the last few years than in the past 200 years prior?!

This is certainly setting things up for a greater financial disturbance than the world has ever seen. There is no possible way for things to remain the status quo, and in so many ways, we are already past the point of no return. Indeed the world is in for some radical changes and there is no way it can remain business as usual!

Though, the masses are failing to recognize the gravity of the situation and will unfortunately be in serious crisis when the currency finally collapses–    which could be within the next 1-3 years.

Sadly, most people will not take appropriate action but will only react to something that already happened

So How Can We Be Ready?
Those who happen to see the situation for what it is and are responding with appropriate  action to coordinate with the current changes, are likely to find themselves on the winning side of the biggest wealth transfer in world history!

So what do I mean by “appropriate action” and “coordinating with the changes”?

When the currency finally does collapse, the only kind of money we will be able to rely on is real money!  And that would be precious metals. The same thing that’s always happened when fiat currency fails… everyone will rush to gold & silver. But this time it will be on a global scale and may just be the greatest economic boom in world history!  Sadly, it will be to late for those who wait until this point.

This is why you may want to stop and really consider investing in gold & silver as soon as possible? This is why I started collecting silver and doubling my efforts to build my business, to be a better position to buy more precious metals before this reality strikes.

Do You Have An Action Plan?
You don’t have to be a certified financial adviser to make a sensible action plan. All one really needs to have is a basic understanding of wealth-cycles, economic principles like supply & demand, some fiat currency history and basic research skills with a decent amount of common sense.

First off, we must to have a means to invest. This is just one reason why I am not dragging my feet when it comes to building my business, because I know there must be some kind of extra cash-flow to invest with. Somehow, we must find a way to obtain some real-money (precious metals) even if we need to lower our overhead by down-sizing to free-up some extra cash to invest with.

Then put some thought into imagining the reality of a currency collapse: Considering how useless paper money would be and how dangerously desperate the masses would be during such a crisis; Gun ammunition would be one of the many forms of currency as basic commodities like food and water would be like gold. Continue make preparations by using this kind of foresight.

Just stocking away your cash is not a wise thing to do when we understand what the government and Federal Reserve is doing with our paper currency. If not precious metals, at least investing in commodities would be much better than holding a dollar that’s being debased by the day.

When investing in precious metals, it makes complete sense to obtain physical delivery of it because many companies use the malpractice of giving a certificate of purchase and then sell the same sum of content multiple times. And even companies that don’t use such shady practices still may not be too inclined to deliver the goods in a time of crisis.

So either you need to have a secure safe with a few guns or a really good hiding place; or keep it at a high security storage facility that is not owned by the government or any bank. It would not be a bad idea to do all the above.

Current Economic Trends
For many years, I had done pretty well running my construction company, but after the industry ceased booming, I started to identify the industries that were currently booming. As I became familiar with the current economic trends and wealth cycles, I marveled on the amount of opportunity it all presented.

The perspective I gained on this- demonstrated a scenario of the perfect-storm. This perfect-storm I’m referring to is not just a few different industries booming in separate corners of the the map, but the collision and merging of industries resulting in a synergistic super-boom.

This explosive composite is made-up of three distinct industries: Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and Health & Wellness. Each of these industries hold their own, yet are synergistically  merging to create an extraordinary economic tempest. See- “Current Economic Trends, Business Models and Types of Income That Lead to Freedom

We certainly do not want to confuse the dooms-day mentality with those who are simply prudent and have enough sense to gain some educated foresight and prepare accordingly. There is no nation or generation that is invinsible, so it’s always wise to be prepared for any type of common crisis, whether it be an earthquake, a hurricane or an economic crisis.


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