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In this Special issue of the ThinkMaverick Mag we feature the founder of the biggest online retailer on the planet Jeff Bezos’


So what does it take to create the world largest online retailer at the age of 49? amass a personal wealth of over $25.2 billion dollars and become the Top 30 Most Powerful people in the world? Lets ask Jeff Bezos’


He has also built a $100 Billion Empire based on books destroying local bookstores in the process. Most would say its awful. But to some, he is reshaping the entire industry.


Amazon is now one of the 100-largest companies in America. We’ll share Bezos’ amazing story and lessons from his life that Fortune and Forbes Did not tell you in Its Cover Story. This is something you could use instantly to apply it to your own business.


Jeff is one entrepreneur you will not want to miss, which is why he is the special Highlight of this month’s issue.

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Meron Bareket, Israel

Wow, I just found this mag today, and it’s FANTASTIC. Great stories and a very good balance of “young and promising” with “amazingly well known”. Very inspiring, and I didn’t even read the entire issue yet (88 pages!). Talk about value for money! Totally boosted up my energies for making something happen today.!”



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