Going Analogue – Offline Marketing For Online Business

www.GoingAnalogue.com Pete Williams has been described in the press as Australia’s Richard Branson. For the last 5 years, he has been running $ m businesses and part of his success has been down to the right combination of online and OFFLINE marketing. I’m amazed no one has ever thought to teach before — because it’s fundamental to running a successful business. “If you don’t use offline techniques to generate new business you are literally leaving money on the table.” I see so many people obsessed with running an online business and doing online marketing. So obsessed, they become blinkered and forget they are actually running a real-world business with only a single channel to market — the Internet. Whatever you sell, the chances are you have a bigger a marketplace offline — people who don’t avidly search Google every day for your services — yet people who would still buy what you do or what you sell. Have you ever stopped to consider these people, this untapped marketplace and these new and undiscovered channels to market? So what’s Going Analogue all about? I’m going to take you through a programme of 4 modules spread over 8 weeks and show you in step-by-step detail how I’ve exploited offline techniques to boost traffic to websites, to convert visitors more effectively and ultimately to generate more revenue. This course will NOT focus on strategy, fluffy concepts or leave you hanging with the ‘how to’ details. That’s just not what I’m all about… We’re going to
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