The Essence of Delayed Gratification in Entrepreneurship



It’s good to have desires and be taking action to get them, but there is often a process we must go through to attain our desires. Most things that come so easy are not that significant. And most things that are significant are not always so easy.

The essence of delayed gratification is not just about passively waiting around for things to happen, but being proactive in a diligent, yet patient way.

Two Trees

China is home to one of the most interesting and extraordinary plants called Moso Bamboo.This curious plant has an amazing growth process which quite closely parallels our own growth process of human endeavors.

In the beginning, the Moso Bamboo may begin it’s first several years growing its root-base before a single leaf sprouts out of the ground. From the surface, nothing appears to be happening at all, yet below there is an expansive root-system forming in preparation for the next phase of its growth process.
One day, suddenly, this plant finally breaks the surface,  shooting up from the earth at an extremely rapid rate of growth and, within just a few months,  reaches up to 80 feet high!

Much different than the Moso Bamboo, another type of tree known as the Cottenwood Aspen,  grows just as tall as the Moso Bamboo without spending years growing such an extensive network of roots. Rather, the Cottenwood Aspen grows at such breakneck speed, it doesn’t have time to build strong molecular fiber. Therefore, it’s branches break off and often the entire tree falls to the ground.

Now which of the two trees resemble the way you are growing your business?

Have you taken the time to set your foundation with the right building blocks in the right order?   Or have you hastily slapped things together to hurry-up and make a quick buck?   Do you recognize the essence of delayed gratification in entrepreneurship ?

Many times I’ve seen both ways played out and the same predominating principles show-up every time.
-The hasty-hustler aggressively advances to hit the big numbers and springs up like a majestic tree. Yet cutting corners, skipping details results in a crashing fall.

-The strategic entrepreneur does not rush hastily, but is diligent with consistent action to set each detail in right order; building with integrity for sustaining results.

The basic principle here is delayed gratification as opposed to instant gratification.
Human nature has more appeal towards instant gratification and that is why it requires discipline to do otherwise. Discipline is the action of rearing our natural inclinations to go another way. When we exercise discipline, essentially,  we are commanding ourselves to do something other than default to gravity.

Vision is another key component in resisting the appeal of instant gratification. We must have some perception and foresight  in order to set the mode for delayed gratification. With vision, we can perceive and recognize that the path of least resistance is not necessarily the best way.
Motivation for discipline comes much easier when we are able to catch a glimpse of the potential rewards of delayed gratification and proceed accordingly.

Much too often, we are overly concerned about what others think when we are in the early stages of building our business. We may grow anxious when friends and family look at us with doubt and skepticism. Most people do not understand the process involved with building a profitable and sustainable business; and, in fact, most people building businesses don’t understand it, which is why so many fail.  But we do not need to be preoccupied with the shortsightedness of others; Rather persevering with diligence in a worthy pursuit to grow a lasting enterprise.

Delayed gratification in entrepreneurship is an essential element, so keep faith and stay the course!

About the Author
Winson ng writes about Maverick entrepreneurs as well as emerging technology trends in Market Intelligence, Mobile and social media. He Founded Financial Freedom Online in August 2010, a Global Internet Collaboration passionate about helping people turning their greatest strengths into a Successful online business. Winson is now taking this opportunity to explore his existing passion for Entrepreneurial start ups, Spiritual Enlightenment, and Technological Creativity & Innovation for Think Maverick, where he developed a passion for "Making a Dent" in the Universe.