Economic crash on December 23, 2012? Research Done by EVG



Wondering when the Coming 
“Economic Crash” Occur? 



Research conducted by the EVG Research Team. 

EVG have been predicitng a coming economic crash since December, 2010

based on solid research and financial analysis by leading experts. (Check it out here)

It’s just a matter of time. 

You don’t have to be an “expert” economist to recognize this simple truth that:


Borrowing More Than You Earn 
Almost Always Ends in Catosthropic Propotions


It’s a lifestyle that can’t be sustained.
Using future money to buy something you could’nt even afford in decades.

Whether it’s an individual, a community, a company or a government, the result of borrowing more than you earn is always the same. Bankruptcy. Default. Crash.

As a country, the United States is already bankrupt. The US officially passed that tipping point in 2011. It’s national debt now exceeds it’s annual GDP. 

Yet the borrowing – and the spending – continues at unprecedented rates.

It’s just a matter of time before the reckoning day comes.

So it’s relatively easy to predict a coming financial crash. It will happen … in one form or another.

The one thing we CAN’T predict, however, is WHEN that will happen.

And that irks some of you.

For example, here’s what one reader told us:

“In June of 2011 you claimed that the coming crash would happen in 3-36 months. You said the same thing in December of 2011. And now, in June of 2012, you’re still using 3-36 months. Sorry guys, but it’s not that hard to hit a moving target like that. 
Why don’t you give us a real date so that we can plan for when it’s going to happen. Otherwise, your “prediciton” just looks like a marketing ploy to me.
-T. H. (full name witheld to protect privacy)

Okay T.H. … you asked for it. Grab a red pen and write it down … 

The Big Crash is going to happen on December 23, 2012.

There. Does that make you feel better? 

Do we sound more credible to you now?


Okay. All joking aside, I hope you take the point to heart.

(Side Note: And to your claim that our 3-36 months is a marketing ploy: Any marketer worth his or her salt knows that giving a specific date will ALWAYS increase sales. If we were only interested in making a quick buck, we’d ride the Mayan calendar scare-tactic out till the end of the year… and then go retire in the South Pacific. But we’re in this for the long-haul and we’re more interested in helping people with real information rather than using marketing ploys like that.) 



Why We Can’t Give You A Firm Date
For the Coming Economic Crash



Listen, we’d love to give you a more precise date. We don’t enjoy giving out a vague, moving target any more than you enjoy hearing it.

But it’s out of our control.

Here’s why:

The government, big business, bankers, Wall Street and world leaders are doing everything in their collective power to delay the coming financial judgment day…

… the day the US dollar dies and becomes an asterisk in the annals of world history.

Some of the people delaying the coming crash just want to pass the buck …whether to the next administration or to the next generation.  

Some honestly believe they can avert the disaster by borrowing and printing their way out. 

They even hire economists who support their fantasy. 

These academics speak in scholarly tones… point to complicated charts. And through it all, proclaim that they have the power to make all the problems go away.

What’s scary is that they’re partially right. They WILL make the big debt go away, but it will be on the backs of the lowly citizen…

…the hard working Mary who scrimps and saves so her children can eat. The self-sacrificing John who works three jobs and volunteers for all the overtime he can muster to make sure his family has a roof over their heads.

These are the people who will end up paying the government’s big fat debt.

The talking-head economists soothe the nerves of a jittery public with their data-laced sedative.

“We’re keeping interest rates low, for your benefit,” they coo.

“And we’ve kept inflation rates at all-time lows, “ they extol.

Amazingly, it’s not much harder to pull the wool over the business world’s eyes. 

All it takes is a nice thick coating of cosmetic accounting. 

Remember how Enron hid the truth about it’s fraud for years and years by cooking the books?

Same thing with Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and more recently, MF Global. 

They all had major systemic financial problems for months or years before the dam broke loose and swept them away in a flash flood of come-uppance and just deserts.

But here’s the advantage big governments have. Their bag of tricks to delay financial judgment day is vast and impressive. 

They can fudge numbers. Shift accounts around. Increase their own line of credit. Manipulate prices. 

And if they run out of money? No problem. The Fed just fires up the digital printing press and creates money out of thin air. Problem solved. Except …




So-Called “Solutions” Just Delay the 
Coming Crash… And Will Make it 
Bigger With Each Passing Day




You see, none of the “tricks” they use actually SOLVES the problem. It only delays the obvious and the inevitable…and adds fuel to the coming explosion.

All the debt we’ve accumulated eventually has to be paid back … or written off. 

So the real question is, who will pay? The little guy, or big business?

Either we (as a country) default on our debt (the equivalency of declaring bankruptcy) … or we continue to print money. Whichever way we choose will determine who pays.



Continued Money Printing 
Means High Inflation



If the Fed continues to run the printing presses, it will delay the coming crash longer. The big explosion won’t happen until the money bubble is so over-inflated that extremely high inflation will set in … possibly even hyper inflation.

High inflation will allow the government to pay off it’s massive debt for pennies on the dollar. 

Anyone stuck holding a US Treasury note at that time will be paying the bill…along with anyone who needs to buy goods and services with government-issued money. 

Meaning, the general public. Mostly the middle class.

A Debt Default Means Deflation

If the government decides enough is enough and simply defaults on it’s obligations, then we’ll slide into another great depression…

…one that could mean 10-15 years of really hard times ahead.

In that scenario, Big Finance will pay the bill: Banks. Wall Street. Hedge Funds.

The little guy will get hurt too. Mostly in the form of high unemployment – but also in other devastating ways.

But big business will pay the highest price. 

That’s one reason Wall Street looks forward to every new announcement of money printing (quantitative easing, or “QE”) the Fed reports.

With each round of printing – whether QE1, QE2, or the possibly upcoming QE3 – Wall Street rallies. 

Such rallies are like a sigh of relief that the burden for the government’s debt is getting passed on to the consumer instead of them.

So which would YOU rather see? Hyperinflation or depression?

When you’re protected with EVG strategies, it really doesn’t matter.

EVG strategies are purposely designed with all this in mind. They’ll protect your money no matter what. 

If we get inflation, you’re covered. If we get deflation, you’re covered. 

And even if the fairy-god-mother comes and fixes the economy with a wave of her wand – you’ll still be better off with the investment strategies EVG offers. 

After all, these are the same strategies the ultra-wealthy are using right now to amass tremendous wealth, in good times and bad.

Listen, we KNOW a big crash is coming…but we also know the powers that be are trying their hardest to delay it.

So until we get a clear signal from the government that they’ve made a commitment to pull the plug and let the huge debt bubble deflate … we’ll keep preaching 6-36 months.

The big crash could come sooner than that. Those in charge may even be able to drag the charade on for a few more years beyond our 36 month window…

But it can’t last forever. And it won’t.

Which leaves YOU one choice:

Get Prepared Now

At EVG, we’re not content to sit on our hands and wait for the economy to fix itself naturally. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, we’re working tirelessly to protect our own wealth … and help you protect yours.

You don’t have to believe us. That’s your choice. 

But if you have any doubts, please give this some SERIOUS study. Research the effects of monetizing the world’s debt with paper money. Dig into the cause … and devastating effects of inflation.

Once you do, we’re confident you’ll come back and join us for the ride. 

Because if you’re positioned the EVG way, it’s going to be a ride to the top…

…and we hope to have you there with us.

If you’re ready to find out exactly how EVG can help you weather the coming crisis, here’s all you need to do:

Click on this link: Watch The Elevation Group Webinar 

The presentation will show how you can start protecting your money – right now – from the threat of the coming crash … whether it’s inflation or deflation.

Hope to see you there!

Your Partner in Prosperity

The EVG Research Team




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