How To Earn Money With Each Download & Upload

Yes, besides advertising networks you can earn money online with download & upload services also.

Let’s discuss few best online services with which you can make money by just providing free download links to your visitors.

Option 1:

Fileserve is a popular free hosting provider available online. With this one can earn money with affiliate programs or by just with a download. Download can be done in any country. Money earn depends upon the download file size and country of the users. It ranges from $0.50 to $25.00 per 1000 downloads.

Fileserve divide the countries in A, B, C and D categories which have most popular counties in A, B and C group whereas rest fall under D group. Despite of country your users come, this makes you eligible to earn money for practically every single download. For e.g. you have 200.000 downloads from group D, 117.000 from group C, 100.000 from B and 100.000 downloads from group A – You would earn $917.00.

The amount can increase as the number of download increases from A and B country groups.

Option 2:

One of the most simple and easy file hosting provider which allow you to earn money by serving downloads and by participating in their affiliate program. You can get FREE 10 GBs of personal space after sign up.

With a free sign up plan one gets paid for every 1000 downloads. Unlike Fileserve, the rates per download are same for 41 different counties.

Depending upon the plan and the file size being downloaded one can earn from $1.00 per 1000 downloads to $40.00.

Option 3:

Another popular online file hosting service which allows you to make money by download service. They also have referral schemes under which you can make money by referring other visitors to use their services.

Similar to the amount depends upon the plan and file size the money earn can vary from $2.00 to $15.00 per 1000 downloads.

Hotfile will only consider the files which weigh minimum 5 Mb. The download rates are fixed for all 54 supported countries.

Option 4:

Similar to fileserve this is also FREE hosting services which reward you for each download. But the revenue is more in case of Uploadstation for your downloads.

They also divide the countries in group of 4. But with this option you can earn up-to from $0.80 to $32.00 per 1000 downloads you provide on your site.

There are many more other hosting services available online. Do share in comments which one is used by you to earn money online.