Success Stories

15 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

So what does it take to create the world’s largest online retailer at the age of 49, amass a personal wealth of over $25.2 billion, and become the Top 30 Most Powerful people in the world? Lets’ ask Jeff Bezos. The company that started out from the garage has now changed the way we bu
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Top 10 Ways How Successful People Respond to Setbacks

Are you currently facing a setback or some sort of adversity ? By the time you get to the bottom of this page, you might look at the situation you’re in and look at it much differently…! Adversity has always been a factor of measure on the level of greatness each of us pos
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The Holiday ePublishing Boom this Black Friday

Are you going to waste this weekend or really do something important? Instead of lazing around over this long weekend, if you’ve followed this FREE plan, you’ll have your first Kindle book outlined and maybe even DONE and ready for launch. Stick with me here… A publi
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The “little” key to huge success… by Rich Schefren

  THE “Little” Key To Huge Success     Hey Mavericks,   We’ve been talking about the idea of taking “little steps” to achieve great goals in your business. Today I want to give you a few more insights about this incredib
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“Rich – what the hell am I doing wrong?”

  Your invitation to a private meeting with Rich Schefren… “Rich – what the hell am I doing wrong?” I hear this all the time… From friends and people struggling with their online business – bogged down by one of the biggest problems facing In
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The Simple Success Secrets That Almost Everybody Overlooks…

What Everybody Overlooks.. to become the Unstoppable Entrepreneur!   What one factor determines your success? A lot of people get this wrong and because they get this question wrong, they end up suffering with a tremendous amount of extra effort for very little payoff. What is th
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