Feel Trapped? Find Out WHY Here…

Not sure you know this, but… Over the past 6 years, Rich Schefren has become a legend in our industry… For his uncanny ability to predict what’s coming next for online entrepreneurs and marketers. Also, Rich’s business client list reads like the “who̵
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Could this give Obama the election?

How 3 “Convenient” Numbers Could Give Pres. Obama the Election Hi Maverick, in September, the government reported the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level of Barack Obama’s presidency – 7.8%.   EVG Research Team here, and it looks like &ldquo
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A second simple key to respect and attention in your Industry…

   Respect AND Attention By Rich Schefren    Hey Maverick,   We’re on the subject of tactics that will help you both get attention as well as respect. Last Friday, I talked about your comfort zone and showed you how to get out of it. Today I want to talk
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The 7 Biggest “Jaw Dropping” Mistakes of the World’s Best that you should know about!

OK, Now i’m officially Impressed… I believe you’ve made some pretty huge mistakes in your life. Mistakes that could have been life threatening, or mistakes that could have cost you a lot of money. We are going to look at some of the biggest “Blunder” that
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How To Become A Trusted Authority In Your Niche

What do Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra have in common? They are all percieved as the ‘trusted authority‘ in their field. One of the biggest local marketing strategies you need to master is the ability to have yourself recognised as a trusted authority. Why? Because t
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What “Gurus” Won’t Tell You about leadership…

The “Grim Reality 😡 ” of Trying to become a leader online… “Many educators are finding that developing great leaders isn’t about teaching skill sets. It’s about helping students adopt the essential behaviors that all great leaders share.” – Tricia B
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