Marketing Basics

The Holiday ePublishing Boom this Black Friday

Are you going to waste this weekend or really do something important? Instead of lazing around over this long weekend, if you’ve followed this FREE plan, you’ll have your first Kindle book outlined and maybe even DONE and ready for launch. Stick with me here… A publi
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Top 10 Common PPC Mistakes that you should know about…

  Pay per click advertising, otherwise known as PPC advertising, is a great way to get the word out about your website and to increase traffic to a website, especially a new site. It also allows you to target visitors that are ready to buy the products or services offered on a co
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What Is Branding and Why You Need Your Own Personal Brand ?

  We all know that a company brand is a basic marketing pillar, but do you know why you need your own personal brand? It isn’t just business owners that need a personal brand, but even those who represent a company. Too many people fail to recognize the power of personal br
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What Is It About The Sales Pitch? | Marketing Etiquette

So there you are enjoying the day and taking a moment to relax and watching the people walk by when one of them decides to sit near you. “Hi there!” he says with a friendly tone. You exchange the gesture in appreciation of his friendliness. He mentions what a nice day it i
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Marketing Instincts that You should keep Secret…

Ladies and gentlemen,  introducing  some of the worlds most powerful marketers who are achieving remarkable success right under our noses: – A nine year-old boy – A small but hugely artistic bird – A school teacher – A teenage girl – A homeless person &nb
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The Proliferating Effect of Delivering Value and Generosity – The Genuine Entrepreneur

There is a very important lesson that way too many of us miss. And I must admit, it does have a way of alluding even those of us who know better because there can be quite a fine line between a reasonable ambition to gain and get ahead   -and-   a selfish ambition to take and get all
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