Eight Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Site

I had a couple of spare hours today so I decided to do what any self-respecting blogger does and check out a few plugins. Now I know that’s not everybody’s idea of fun but I reckon it’s something that is essential for every blogger to do from time to time. Those of you who have been o
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Tips for Effective Forum Marketing

There are many ways to get backlinks for your blog or a website. One such effective link building technique is forum marketing i.e. getting a backlinks for your blog or a website from a forum. But every process has a right method to do it which helps to achieve successful results. For
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Do you have What It Takes to Win The SEO Game?

How to win the SEO game…   Have you struggled to get good search engine rankings… hoping for lots of free traffic? That’s because the search engines – Google in particular – keep changing the rules of the game. If you’re in a position where you
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How To Be a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2 simple ways….

SEO for Mobile sites Even websites that are designed for use with mobile internet devices require search engine optimization. However, just like how mobile website design can be different from website design for PCs, SEO for mobile-friendly websites can be different from traditional S
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Some Internet Marketing Tips That Won’t Upset the Panda!

If you have been following movements in the internet marketing world recently, you may have heard about ‘The Panda’ and its effect on the ranking of many sites so for this reason, I have decided to give some free website marketing tips that will protect your site from falling victim t
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