What Is Branding and Why You Need Your Own Personal Brand ?


We all know that a company brand is a basic marketing pillar, but do you know why you need your own personal brand? It isn’t just business owners that need a personal brand, but even those who represent a company.

Too many people fail to recognize the power of personal branding, especially when the company they represent already has a strong brand. Certainly it’s important to be on board with a good-strong company, but what is it about you as a person and expert in your field that would persuade people to go through you and not someone else?

Fundamental to any pursuit is the meaning and purpose that drives it, so it is imperative to define and clarify your endeavor. Then there must be a unique selling point about what it is that differentiates you from your competition. Communicating a certain message with unique qualities and distinct features are some of the faucets that forms your own personal brand.


Forming Your Own Personal Brand
Logos, design themes and taglines are important elements that help reinforce your brand, but the core principle of your own personal brand is ultimately about the image and essence that exemplifies your purpose and passion. Here are some of the qualities that make-up your personal brand:

  • Your strengths and skills
  • Your passion and purpose
  • Your style and personality
  • Your vision and aspirations
  • Your activities and interests
  • Your prior and present achievements
  • Your unique and differentiating value

Devoting significant thought into shaping your brand into a clear and concise image is a very worthwhile investment. This image is what people will remember you by- something that will stick in their minds. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an embellishment, but it should be  pronounced and perhaps even amplified. As long as you can present your qualities in an attractive way, there is no need for exaggeration.


The Essence of Authenticity
Being genuine is the best approach and most effective way of making a profound connection with people. Too many professionals think they must put up a front to maintain a professional image, but that only serves as a barrier between them and their prospective client. But when you are being real, usually people recognize that and tend to become relaxed as trust and rapport can develop very swiftly.

Authenticity is usually the first thing people look for, because it has such a significant baring on the trust factor. The caliber of products and services you may offer is quite important, but still just secondary to the premise of authenticity.  The most common  apprehension with authenticity is fear of rejection. However, it’s important to remember that it is impossible to please everyone, so we may as well be free being our real self while appealing to those who actually appreciate us.   See Authentic Living


Your Personal Brand Is About YOU, But Your Business Is About PEOPLE
While your own personal brand should reflect the essence of both you and your business, keep in mind the main objective is not to flaunt your quality, but to engage with people to provide genuine value. This can prove to be a fine-line because it is good to be assertive with your quality, so to capture the attention of your audience, but it’s ultimately about serving them. Your own personal brand is  really a means of leveraging your distinct image to reach those who need what you have.  Of course, you are important too 🙂 )

Remember your brand should be formed around your strengths, passion and purpose; It reflects your values, achievements and aspirations in a way that distinguishes you as an interesting and valuable individual. Your own personal brand is the cornerstone to your greater success.

In short, let your true light shine and have fun doing it!
– Scott Yonker


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About the Author
As an artist, an entrepreneur and a minister, Scott Yonker is engaged in a variety of activities with a profound sense of meaning and purpose fueled by a passionate edge and inspirational drive. Scott is poised on exuding and implementing his theme of "Hope and Prosperity with a Touch of Beauty" and making the world a better place one meaningful connection at a time. Discover more of Scott's articles...
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  5. Debe Bloom Reply
    What a great read...with such valuable information that can absolutley be put into play. It has me thinking, which is a 'good' thing. Thanks for sharing all of this, since I actually thought branding stopped in association with colors and a tagline...obviously there's so much more.
  6. Paige Reply
    Scott, my husband and I have been working with one of my VirtualPaige clients, helping her rebrand. She is all about authenticity, and because of that, she has TOO MANY patients! That's why she's rebranding - to narrow her focus... but keep the authenticity.
  7. Jodi Behn Reply
    Scott, thank you for all this good information. I completely agree with the essence of authenticity. It is what sells me on pretty much everything. Authenticity is want drives me, as I cannot do my job without being completely real. It is how relationships are established and people connect. I have not branded myself yet, and am working on that concept and figuring out who I will be in the business world and on social media. It's all new to me.
  8. Scott Yonker Reply
    Thank you Jodi- I appreciate what you are saying about authenticity Paige- thank you for your comment- too many clients is a good problem to have Hi Debe- Thanks for commenting- I'm glad to provoke some thinking :)
  9. Laurie Hurley Reply
    Branding is one of the first things I discuss with my clients. Being authentic, being YOU and truly embracing and defining one's brand energetics is so important in the social stream. There are several books I have read about this very subject - and they all say the same thing. Share something about yourself, be yourself and discuss things other than business all the time and people will be attracted to you online. Good info!
  10. Robin Dietrich Reply
    Wow, Scott, you have given me so much to think about! My perception of a "brand" has totally changed. It is so much more than a logo and professional look -- which was my past perception. I have much work to do and appreciate your insight and thoughts. I will continue to follow your blog as your brand is obviously important and well presented. Many thanks!
    • Scott Yonker Reply
      Robin, thank you for your comment- I'm glad to give something helpful :) Laurie, thanks for stopping by- and I know that you already know about personal branding so I'm glad to get your feedback :)
  11. Penny Bergstrom Reply
    Excellent post Scott! I really like you pointing out that ourselves and our business makes up our personal brand.
    • Scott Yonker Reply
      Good to hear from you Penny- keep blogging- that's a good way to brand yourself :)
  12. Alara Castell Reply
    Amen, Scott! Well said. Loved the part you said, "Too many professionals think they must put up a front to maintain a professional image, but that only serves as a barrier between them and their prospective client." I see so many of my clients try to mimic another person because they feel it will provide the success they desire, but in reality it is about bringing out their unique qualities so they stand out from those in their field. When I work with my clients, I help them be themselves. I stop them from reinventing themselves because that only gets them further away from their goals because as you said people know when you are being authentic or not. Thanks for a great post. Woo-hoo!
    • Scott Yonker Reply
      Alara, thanks for your meaningful comment- I appreciate your feedback and expert insights
  13. Nelson Reply
    I LOVE this Scott! This simple truth is so evident and important, but often people just don't place importance on it. I know when someone is being genuine with me. I can't describe it. It's a feeling. When I do business with people, I also do business with someone I connect with. All of this is on emotional plane, which people easily dismiss in business. I often tell people. There isn't work and life integrity. Just integrity. You either have it or not.
    • Scott Yonker Reply
      Nelson, what great thoughts to this subject! I absolutely know what you mean- it is hard to describe but most of us can sense it when someone is real or not.
  14. JuliAnn Stitick Reply
    Hi Scott, I love your thoughts about authenticity. The trick is not to be overly authentic and post things that are not consistent. If you are usually very positive and then throw in a very negative post, it throws people. Someone who has been looking to you to be a positive influence may be confused.
    • Scott Yonker Reply
      That's a very good point you make JuliAnn- about being overly authentic. I would say we definitely need to use discretion about how transparent we will be. Thanks for the comment! :)

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