5 Richest Women Entrepreneurs in the World

 It’s a woman’s world, history and modern time has proved that women have played an important role in the society by successful working attitude. Many highly influential female entrepreneurs have beaten their male equivalent. In fact from a stronger leader for a media queen woman, often had to fight against more tougher offs than males entirely, to get their position of success.

1. Cher Wang#

Cher Wang is uncertainly the world most successful entrepreneur, probably not famous as Bill Gates or the late Steve Job. But this woman has founded a business that shares sales of one sixth of smart phone across the globe.

She has spent many years in manufacturing cell phones which earned her great bundle of fortune until she founded her own company HTC worldwide Smart phone producer and VIA technologist that her wealth amazingly raised off.

She is born in Taiwan on 14 September, 1958 her father was the founder of Formosa Group and he was placed as second richest man in Taiwan. Cher Wang has an estimated influential worth of 6.8 billion dollars, the most intelligent woman whose income is down to her wit rather than any other sources.

2. Oprah Winfrey


No top list of richest women would be complete without entertainment queen Oprah Winfrey, is still best paid female in the industry of entertainment and fun. She is on the top list among the Hollywood’s earning women consistently earns more than $225 billion per year. There is no wonder that she can afford to present free cars to her rocking audience. Her fortune has greatly led down on screen of fascinating television that her fans love to watch her.

She was born on 25th January 1954 in the United States. Her first job started when she was a student at Tennessee State, she dived into broadcast media and soon moved to television n became a young news anchor she was the only African-American anchor at WTVF in Nashville that time.

She has gone on excel for multiple forms of media she is a great producer, publisher, enthusiastic book critic and rocking international celebrity. Being an influential lady she has awarded twice by president Obama on her own show. Among many other worlds’ famous personalities she has donated $100M to make the world a comfortable and a better place.

3. Angela Merkel


Great responsibilities lies on this ladies shoulder, Angela Markel is the “iron lady’ of Europe most richest and powerful economy, Germany. Her wit and persuasion skills are more likely to affect billions of European and other around the world.

She was born on 17, July 1954 in Hamburg (Germany). She has studied chemistry and physics, at the institute of physical chemistry she has worked as chemist there. In 1990 she joined CDU(Christian democratic union) soon after appointed as minister for youth and women.

The economy of global is effectively in her hands and her decision likely to impact whole history of Germany.

4. Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi an Indian woman entrepreneur in business having an executive position in the world’s most top ranked companies. She is now currently a chairperson and president of Pepsico Company. The second biggest food and drink supplier business in the worlds. She is the top listed highly paid woman earns $12.7 million including bonus pay as $4.5 million.

Indra Nooyi was born on October 28 , in 1955 in Chennai South India .She was graduated from Madras in the subject of math and physic and later she has done  chemistry as well as an MBA in management .She has got a masters degree in public and management at Yale.

She is the only Indian lady who became a chief executive officer perhaps she is the first lady who reach to this level .As a chief strategist she has started Pepsico in 1994.

5. Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates an American businesswoman and a philanthropist .She was born on August 15, 1964 Dallas Texas. She has joined Microsoft when she was off of 23 .She married bill gates in 1994. She left her work of Microsoft in started charitable work and concentrate on her family. Although her husband Bill gates is basically responsible for their wealthy background.

She is working as the co- founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation responsible for taking Bill gates into this organization. She is also a former unit manager of Microsoft products. They already have granted $27billion to charitable causes.



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